Defining Platform Engineering

The age of backlogs, unexpected outrages, and team burnouts is in the past.

The cloud was founded on the idea of making operations simpler, cheaper, and more scaleable. A decade in and it can almost feel at odds with productivity. Massdriver aims to fulfill the promise of the cloud, giving organizations the scalability and agility they hope for, but the ease of use of a PaaS.

Meet the team

Cory O’Daniel
CEO & Co-Founder
David WIlliams
CTO & Co-Founder
Chris Hill
COO & Co-Founder
William Schoenberger
Principal Engineer
Luis Ochoa
Account Executive
Joe Christensen
Front-End Engineer
Michael Lacore
Solutions Architect
Ziggy O'Doodle
Chief Software Barkitect

Our Investors

Our Investors & Cloud Partners

Redefining Culture

We strive to create a culture where growth and creativity flourish. This requires a talent group of people with ownership who support working together. It should be a place where you can be your best while giving you the flexibility to do it on your schedule.


We are a remote FIRST organization. You should be free to live and work where you choose without the FOMO. Transparency, documentation, and communication allowed employees to be connected to what is happening around them without having to “be in the room”.


Software is eating the world. The jobs of tomorrow are software engineering jobs. We are committed to . helping to build that path to those jobs by investing heavily in junior-level roles and nurturing talents from diverse backgrounds and work histories. Our mission is to create a safe environment for new engineers to enter the market and grow into software professionals.


Just because we work remotely doesn’t mean we should be strangers. In-person company retreats, remote hackathons, and the ransom video chat keep the team close even when physically distant.

Perks and Benefits

We’ve got a lot of great perks, but here are a few to maximize our conversion funnel or you clicking the “Join Our Team” button below.

401K with 4% Matching
Half-day Fridays
Generous PTO with required vacations
100% covered health, medical, and dental insurance

Work with us

Interesting problems, work/life balance, building DevTools, and a Scrooge McDuck money bin full of cloud credits to experiment and learn with. What more could an engineer want?