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Built by a team of world-class cloud certified experts. Massdriver has passed rigorous CIS benchmarks for your favorite cloud's partnership network.

"We are partnering with innovative companies like Massdriver to help founders achieve more. As a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, startups can now receive access to Massdriver's productivity tools, designed to streamline cloud management and reduce infrastructure development time."

Kirk Safford, Director, Microsoft for Startups


Supported platforms: AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes


Production-ready best practice bundles


Supported data stores: Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Databricks, Kafka, ElasticSearch
Timescale DB On Kubernetes
Ory Kratos On Kubernetes
Mongodbatlas Cluster AWS
Unleash On Kubernetes
Kube State Metrics On Kubernetes
Retool On Kubernetes
Mongo Replicaset On Kubernetes
Loki S3 On Kubernetes
Elasticsearch On Kubernetes
Datadog On Kubernetes
GCP Firebase Firestore
GCP Subnetwork
Argo Workflow On Kubernetes
GCP Pub/Sub Topic
GCP Memorystore Redis
GCP Pub/Sub Subscription
GCP Healthcare Dataset
GCP Healthcare Hl7v2 Store
GCP GKE Autopilot Cluster
GCP GKE Cluster
GCP Healthcare FHIR Store
GCP Global Network
GCP GCS Bucket Static Assets
GCP Cloud Tasks Queue
GCP Cloud SQL Postgres
GCP Cloud Function Pub/Sub
GCP Cloud Function HTTPS
GCP Cloud Function Firestore
Azure Virtual Network
Azure Storage Account Data Lake
Azure CosmosDB SQL
Azure Storage Account Application Assets
Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Server
Azure MySQL Flexible Server
Azure Machine Learning Workspace
Azure FHIR Service
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Elasticpool MSSQL
Azure Cognitive Service OpenAI
Azure CosmosDB Mongo
Azure Communication Service
Azure Cognitive Service Language
Azure Cognitive Service Form Recognizer
AWS VPC Peering Connection
Azure AKS Cluster
Azure Cache Redis
AWS S3 Logs Bucket
AWS Transfer Family SFTP
AWS SQS Pub/Sub Subscription
AWS SNS Pub/Sub Topic
AWS S3 Datalake Raw Bucket
AWS S3 Application Asset Bucket
AWS RDS Postgres
AWS Opensearch
AWS MSK Cluster
AWS Kinesis Stream
AWS EKS Cluster
AWS Firehose Eventbridge Subscriber
AWS Eventbridge
AWS Elasticache Redis
AWS Aurora PostgreSQL
AWS Dynamodb Table
AWS EFS File System
AWS Aurora Serverless MySQL
AWS ECS Cluster
AWS Aurora Serverless Postgres
AWS API Gateway