Massdriver at AWS re:Invent 2023

Monday 27th November - Thursday 30th November 2023.

Come and find us at booth 202

Meet the Massdriver team at re:Invent, and learn how to ship features faster, reduce cloud complexity, and get best practice secure cloud infrastructure. We can't wait to show you how Massdriver is revolutionizing Platform Engineering, DevOps, and Cloud Operations.

Scaling ops: Embracing platform engineering’s potential.

November 30
David WIlliams

CTO & Co-Founder


As an operations professional, you may feel outnumbered. Developers need infrastructure and automation, and the security team, legal team, and even your CFO have requirements on top of that.

Platform engineering is a practice that seeks to encode all of the non-negotiables while allowing self-service to developers. This involves abstracting security requirements, providing access to the tools to scale, developing alarms and backups out of the box, allowing for cost restrictions and monitoring, and other strategies to help your organization innovate efficiently. In this lightning talk, explore strategies to build software around your existing automation to provide both developers and stakeholders with an experience that meets their needs. This presentation is brought to you by Massdriver, an AWS Partner.

Join Massdriver at Top Golf

Join us for a fun and relaxing evening after a long day at AWS re:Invent. Registration is limited so reserve your spot asap!

Wednesday, November 29 @ 7:00 PM

Empower Innovation, Minimize Infrastructure Management

Massdriver unlocks rapid developer self-service with an operations-approved platform, transforming cloud management from a chore to just a few clicks. Free your team from backlog burdens and get back to what matters – creating software. No DevOps unicorn required.

Accelerate Development, Not Complexity

Massdriver simplifies the cloud so your development speeds up, not stalls. Our intuitive visual interface means less time managing, more time innovating, and a seamless integration with your CI/CD pipeline for peak efficiency.

Connect, Deploy, Scale - Effortlessly

With Massdriver, connecting services is as simple as a click. Dive into development without the delay of learning infrastructure intricacies. Spend time where it counts, scaling your vision, not wrangling your cloud environment.