AWS RDS for MySQL. Amazon RDS makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale MySQL deployments in the cloud. With Amazon RDS, you can deploy scalable MySQL servers in minutes with cost-efficient and resizable hardware capacity.

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backup.delete_automated_backupsbooleanSpecifies whether to remove automated backups immediately after the DB instance is deleted.
backup.retention_periodintegerThe days to retain backups for.
backup.skip_final_snapshotbooleanDetermines whether a final DB snapshot is created before the DB cluster is deleted. If true is specified, no DB snapshot is created.
database.deletion_protectionbooleanIf the DB instance should have deletion protection enabled.
database.engine_versionstringVersion of MySQL to use.
database.instance_classstringThe instance type of the RDS instance.
database.parameters[].apply_methodstringNo description
database.parameters[].namestringNo description
database.parameters[].valuestringNo description
database.usernamestringUsername for the ‘root’ DB user.
networking.subnet_typestringDeploy the database to internal subnets (cannot reach the internet) or private subnets (internet egress traffic allowed)
observability.enabled_cloudwatch_logs_exports[]array(string)No description
observability.enhanced_monitoring_intervalintegerMonitoring interval for operating system metrics of your DB instance in real time. When you want to see how different processes or threads use the CPU, Enhanced Monitoring metrics are useful.
observability.performance_insights_retention_periodintegerPerformance Insights is a database performance tuning and monitoring feature that helps you quickly assess the load on your database, and determine when and where to take action. Performance Insights allows non-experts to detect performance problems with an easy-to-understand dashboard that visualizes database load.
storage.allocatedintegerThe allocated storage in GiB.
storage.iopsintegerThe amount of provisioned IOPS. Only applies if type is io1.
storage.max_allocatedintegerThe max allocated storage in GiB that RDS will autoscale to. Not supported on all instance types. Set to greater than allocated_storage to enable.
storage.typestringOne of ‘standard’ (magnetic), ‘gp2’ (general purpose SSD), or ‘io1’ (provisioned IOPS SSD). The default is ‘io1’ if iops is specified, ‘gp2’ if not.