GCP Cloud SQL Postgres

Fully managed PostgreSQL relational database service offering high availability, encryption, backups and zero-downtime capacity increases.

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database_configuration.high_availability_enabledbooleanIf set to true, GCP will manage a hot standby primary node for you. It will automatically fail over to the hot stanby in the event of a zonal or node failure drastically minimizing downtime.
database_configuration.query_insights_enabledbooleanEnables query insights for your instance
database_configuration.retained_backup_countintegerThe number of backups to keep. If another backup is made, the oldest one is deleted.
deletion_protectionbooleanIf the DB instance should have deletion protection enabled.
engine_versionstringThe major version of PostgreSQL to use for your database. GCP manages minor version upgrades.
instance_configuration.disk_sizeintegerThe size of the primary database instance in GB.
instance_configuration.disk_typestringSolid State has better performance for mixtures of reads and writes. Use Hard Disks for continuous read workloads or for cheaper storage.
instance_configuration.tierstringThe type of compute used for the database instance.
transaction_log_retention_daysintegerThe number of days to keep the transaction logs before deleting them.
usernamestringPrimary DB username.