Loki S3 On Kubernetes

Grafana Loki is a horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system which supports S3 as a storage backend.

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grafana.enabledbooleanEnabling this will install Grafana for searching and viewing logs. If you have an existing Grafana instance you would prefer to use you can disable installation of this instance.
loki.scalablebooleanLoki can run in two modes: a simple, single binary “monolithic” mode, and a massively scalable, distributed mode. Monolithic consumes fewer resources and is suitable for smaller workloads (up to ~100GB per day). Scalable mode should be enabled for larger workloads, or if you would like to separate read and write concerns.
namespacestringApplication will be deployed into this namespace. If the namespace doesn’t exist, it will be created.
promtail.enabledbooleanPromtail is the standard log aggregator and shipper for Loki. If you have an existing log shipper you prefer to use, you can disable installation of Promtail