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$5k in Massdriver Credits

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About offer

About offer

$5,000 Massdriver Credits

Design secure, scalable cloud infrastructure in minutes using Massdriver's diagramming interface — no DevOps experience necessary. We're offering Elixir Radar subscribers $5,000 in Massdriver credits on top of our usage-based plan that includes $500/mo of managed cloud spend.

In addition, Elixir-based startups receive unlimited developer seats for life, a dedicated slack channel for support, and a one-on-one consultation with a cloud architect.


A Simple Drag and Drop Design Tool Built by Industry Experts

Cloud infrastructure is confusing, and IaC tools like Terraform and Pulumi are time-consuming and challenging to manage. Massdriver's visual designer can reduce infrastructure development times by 90% while giving you staging/production parity out of the box and total control of your infrastructure when you need it — all in your cloud account.

Automated IAM and Secrets Management

What's in a line? A lot. When you draw a line between an application and a database on the whiteboard, that line is doing a lot of work. In Massdriver drawing a line between infrastructure components automates IAM policies between services and secrets management and credential injection into your applications. Security by default, not as an afterthought.

Best-practice Cloud Architectures and OSS Applications Released Weekly

Our infrastructure bundles are designed by experienced cloud architects and professional services consultants. Each bundle is rigorously tested, monitored by default, and kept up to date. It's like having an ops team but without the wait.

Each week we release new infrastructure and OSS application bundles so you can drag, drop, and get back to coding.


Fast Track Compliance With Audit Trails and Change History

Infrastructure as diagrams gives your team and compliance auditors a single source of truth for your cloud environments. All resources managed by Massdriver follow a common naming and tagging convention. We maintain an audit trail of changes. We support the ability to visually compare differences between changes to your infrastructure—no more clicking through the cloud consoles or comparing git diffs of Terraform files.

How it Works

How it Works

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Elixir Radar subscribers are eligible for $5,000 of Massdriver credits. Startups building on Elixir receive a dedicated slack channel for support, and a one-on-one consultation with a cloud architect.

Only applies to Massdriver's Usage Based Plan
30-minute architecture review session
Only Elixir Radar can redeem the deal
Cannot combine this credit with another coupon or deal.
Valid only once for any organization
For new paying Massdriver users only
Credits can only be applied to monthly usage-based plans
We reserve the right to cancel the perk if terms are breached
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