Changelog: App First Design

Massdriver Changelog April 6th 2023

Dave Williams


Application Bundle Generation in the UI

A solid operational solution must help reduce the coveted time to production (TTP). To aid in this task we have created a wizard directly in the UI that allows engineers to start with the thing they know best, their application. Before releasing this feature, getting an application in to massdriver required building files at the command line, editing IaC and publishing by hand. Now you can create your application bundle visually. Select your template, add dependencies and use the bundle recommender to build your infrastructure from your application up.


Github Actions

Making applications easier to manage means being able to deploy them with a simple merge of a pull request. Massdriver Github Actions will allow you to easily set up continuous deployment of your applications to production with all of the ease you expect from Massdriver. Building, configuring and deploying applications have never been easier. Check them out on Github

Mass CLI v1.0!

Our first stable release adds a ton of functionality.

Visual layouts of infrastructure are living documentation, but some tasks require automation. We have rebuilt our CLI to better serve our customer’s automation needs. The new release features the ability to update configuration, initiate deployments and build preview environments. Download the latest release

Show Only Different Values in Environment Diff View

One of the guiding principals of Massdriver is ensuring and enforcing parity between environments. In a world where infrastructure topology is more and more complex and efficiently scaling is the difference in driving profitability, being able to spot the differences between environments is crucial. To make this process easier, by default we will hide like values when diffing environments and deployments to help you spot the problem faster.


Improved Sparkline Tooltip Interaction

Building on our built in metrics features, we have been hard at work making diagnosing issues easier for engineering teams. This month we released more readable tooltips that round to the 3rd most significant digit.



We are excited to announce the release of several new bundles for our users! Our team ships open-source best-practice reference architectures to the Massdriver Package Manager each week.

These bundles make it easy for teams to experiment in the cloud and ship new features quickly, helping your organization stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Your team can develop their own bundles to extend the platform to meet your needs.

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