Changelog: Preview Environments

Massdriver Changelog January 19th, 2023

Cory O'Daniel

Hi all, it’s Cory from Massdriver. We have had a busy month of shipping features at Massdriver. So much so that I’m going to send you the other half of this changelog next week! 💖

Before we hop into the features, here is some big news! We moved to usage-based pricing with a generous free tier (for life).

Preview Environments for Apps & Infrastructure!

Parity is the heart of Massdriver. We’ve always supported replicating applications and infrastructure to other environments and regions. Today we are announcing support for spinning up ephemeral preview environments from pull requests.

Massdriver preview environments support anything on your canvas including infrastructure, databases, serverless services, and your applications.

3rd Party Secret Management

Massdriver has always supported infrastructure secrets transparently by using the lines you draw to infer where to inject secrets like database credentials.

Massdriver Secrets Management

Auto CIDR Range

The only CIDR I’m interested in is an Angry Orchard Rosé, amirite?

Auto CIDR selection is available on pre-built and custom bundles ( you know you can make your own, right?).

If you know the CIDR range you want, disable auto mode and set it yourself.

Don’t care? Tell us how many nodes you want on the network or subnet, and we’ll scan your cloud account and pick a CIDR range that doesn’t conflict.

We don’t want to make VPC peering difficult down the road.


Remote References

Remote references serve two purposes in Massdriver. You can use RRs to share infrastructure between products. This allows one team to manage and another to use. Create a “Networking & Compute” project and share your clusters with your “App” project or “Data Science” project.

Remote References

Remote refs can also be used to connect infrastructure managed outside of Massdriver. This is a great way to migrate progressively to the platform. Have a database you aren’t ready to move, but want to start taking advantage of preview environments, secrets management, or auto IAM? Reference it! Your apps will be able to connect to it in the UI even though it’s managed elsewhere!

Small, but out-of-this-world changes

  • Operator guides! Any bundle, including your private bundles and applications, can now include a runbook/operator guide in the Massdriver UI. Just add an “” file to your bundle’s root directory.
  • Bundle search! We’ve shipped a ton of bundles, and the sidebar can be difficult to navigate. We added full-text search and filters to make it easy to find what you want!
  • Firehose Event Bridge Consumer bundle - you are building an event-driven microservice architecture, aren’t you?

Thanks for reading. If there is anything you’d like to see on our roadmap, please let us know!

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