Infrastructure Bill of Materials

Massdriver's infrastructure bill of materials enables the feedback loop that powers cost and monitoring. Harness that power without transfering mangement control.

Dave Williams

Massdriver is on a mission to deliver platform engineering to organizations of all sizes. For many organizations that leap even when buying a solution can take time. Many are just starting a large cloud migration from a data center, or built their current infrastructure via the cloud’s console. Those teams may need more time to transfer management control to Massdriver, but they still need the cost visibility, contextual metrics, and diffing engine that makes Massdriver so powerful.

The Massdriver resource importer aims to help organizations diagram their current infrastructure, and create an infrastructure bill of materials (IBoM), which powers our cost and monitoring capabilities. All of the power of living documentation without migrating your cloud management practices.


  • Visiblity of your entire cloud inventory as a diagram.
  • Resource based cost monitoring at the monthly and daily level.
  • Contextual metrics help make sense of your data to spot issues faster.
  • A powerful diffing engine which fetches your cloud configurations to spot differences in even the most complex cloud topology.

Whether you are just starting your journey into the cloud, or have been there for years, Massdriver can help you get control of the cloud and deliver faster. Try Massdriver for free.

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