Introducing Cost Insights

Managing cloud costs is a difficult task. Massdriver makes it easier with cost insights.

Dave Williams

It is crucial for any business that produces software to understand its costs. Profitable decision-making starts with alignment on cost versus value. Until today, it has been difficult for engineers to make impactful cost decisions when using the cloud. The bill is generally lumped into one large statement and is restricted only to a few people with enough access to your cloud of choice.

At Massdriver, we believe cost should not be an afterthought. We proudly announce our cost and usage reporting feature in the platform. You can now see your costs in context. We bubble your costs up to an individual architectural resource, environment, and project. The free tier, startup, and growth plans will see the previous month’s costs and a running six-month average. We provide trend analysis which can be crucial to understanding your current spend over time. Enterprise plans feature a daily breakdown with a running seven-day average to provide a more granular view of your cloud spend.

Take control of your cloud spend and try Massdriver for free.

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