Massdriver pledges support for the Future of Terraform: OpenTofu

Massdriver pledges support for the Future of Terraform: OpenTofu

Dave Williams

Last week, HashiCorp announced a change in Terraform’s licensing from the open-source MPL 2.0 (Mozilla Public License 2.0) to the restrictive BSL (Business Source License 1.1). This shocked the infrastructure engineering community, as it threatens to undermine the contributions of so many companies seeking to improve the Terraform experience.

At this time, Massdriver and our users are unaffected by this change. While Massdriver supports Terraform, we build our tooling agnostically to work with any infrastructure-as-code solution, giving users the freedom to choose their preferred tool - whether Terraform, Helm, CloudFormation, or plain Bash scripts.

With that said, Terraform was the first IaC tool we integrated with Massdriver. We did so because it is the tool we trusted to achieve excellence in the organizations that have relied on us in the past. It is also widely adopted, with a robust community and ample documentation, making it easy to learn and run.

Terraform is different from Vault or Consul (or MongoDB or ElasticSearch). It is a language, not a cloud service. The cloud part of Terraform was never open-source in the first place. As a result of this change, the entire ecosystem of open-source modules and tools that depend on the Terraform CLI are at risk.

For that reason, we have joined a coalition of companies committed to preserving an open, community-driven path for Terraform’s future. The coalition has put forth the OpenTofu Manifesto to ensure the community retains a voice as this critical and beloved tool evolves.

Massdriver is offering six free months of platform access to organizations and teams building in the OpenTofu community. Whether you are building open-source tooling or designing developer platforms powered by OpenTofu, we are here to help.

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